Friday, June 1, 2012

Teachmeet Nashville 2012

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to participate as a presenter in Teachmeet Nashville 2012, which was a two-day unconference organized by Adam Taylor (@2footgiraffe). Yes, this conference was held in Nashville, and I was in NJ, but with the power of Twitter and Google+, it was possible for me to present at this unconference.

I first learned about Teachmeet Nashville 2012 a few months ago when Adam sent out a tweet looking for presenters. Adam and I exchanged a few tweets, and before long, he had me scheduled to present two sessions. The first was titled iPhone for Administrators, while the second was titled Twitter for Administrators. The iPhone and Twitter have been valuable tools for me as a practicing school administrator. These tools have allowed me to become more efficient, engaged, and connected to improve learning for all of our school's students. So, I embraced the opportunity to share how I've been using the iPhone and Twitter in my daily practice, while hoping to gain valuable insight from those attending my sessions. I adhere to my conception of school leader as the lead learner and saw this as a great opportunity to model my beliefs.

My first presentation about using the iPhone went off without a hitch, however, that wasn't the case for my Twitter session. During the Twitter session, my internet connection went down and by the time I rebooted, the session was over. I even tried to use my iPhone to get back into the Google+ hangout I started to conduct the presentation, but I only had video. Although technology allowed me to present in Nashville while located in NJ, it also failed to allow me to honor my commitment. So, my apologies again to those who took the time to attend my Twitter for Administrators session at Teachmeet Nashville 2012. It never really happened, but I enjoyed the opportunity and look forward to similar ones in the future.

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