Monday, September 3, 2012

Change is Here...It's Going to be a Great Year

Tomorrow begins another school year for the faculty at our school, and it is the start of a new assignment for me. I look forward to working with this group of professionals as we collaborate to improve learning for all of our students. We will work hard everyday to ensure that all students learn on a daily basis, because they deserve nothing less than our best efforts. As we work to ensure that all students learn, we will also be preparing them for our state's accountability test, which remains a priority in our school district.

Our school district has undergone substantial change in the past few weeks, and as stated by our new Assistant Superintendent, no longer will our sole measure of student achievement be our state's accountability test. We will continue to make our state's test a priority, however, it will no longer be the only measure we use to evaluate our effectiveness. This is the good news that I've been hoping to receive for several years now. More importantly, utilizing additional measures of student achievement will allow our teachers to better engage our students to learn everyday. We can begin to abandon the drill and kill strategies that we grew accustomed to over the past decade as we focused solely on preparing our students for our state's accountability test.

I am most happy for our students with our school district's renewed focus, because as the evidence tells us, students learn best when they can collaborate, connect, and create with their peers. Utilizing multiple measures of student achievement will allow our teachers to get our students involved in more of these types of learning experiences, and I know we will watch our students' learning soar as a result.

Our school and district have undergone many changes, but I know it's going to be a great year.

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