Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Professional Learning: #PSCchat for 3/7/16

We had a great discussion about Professional Learning during last night's #PSCchat. You can review the archive here.

Some key takeaways from this chat include:

  • Twitter, edcamps, and blogs are "go-to" sources of Professional Learning for many. Professional conferences and school/district workshops are also useful opportunities to engage in Professional Learning. In addition to these, one of my personal "go-to" sources is Reflective Practice.
  • Many rely on modeling and engaging in conversations about Professional Learning opportunities as a means to get colleagues involved in more sustained learning. Several participants mentioned it is often difficult to get other educators to move beyond those required workshops/in-services. Digital badges was mentioned as one way to possibly motivate others to seek out additional learning opportunities beyond those required by schools.
  • Participants feel that more professional learning opportunities are needed with regard to the following topics: Poverty, Technology, LGBT issues, Differentiation, Guided Reading, Communication, Self-Harm, Suicide, Abuse. 
I believe it is our duty as educators to continually engage in Professional Learning to provide our students with quality experiences at school every day. As we grow professionally, we can improve learning for all of our students.
Please share your thoughts about Professional Learning to keep this conversation going.

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